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What is Single-Phasing?

Single phasing is a condition that arises in three phase motors. If a single phasing condition occurs a motor will not start, however, if the motor is running when a single phasing condition occurs it may continue to run. If the motor continues to run it will lead to a motor burn out. Single phasing occurs when a single phase drops out and the motor continues to operate on only two phases and a specific burn out pattern is normally very visible. If the motor is running on a wye connection two phases will burn out and if the motor is running on a DELTA connection only one phase will burn out.

What causes vibration?

Vibration is extremely destructive and is caused by a number of conditions, the most common of witch are, mechanical imbalance, an electrical imbalance, an out of alignment, a soft foot condition.

What is a Soft-Foot Condition?

Many people only consider alignment when the motor and the load are direct coupled. When a good millwright is commissioned to align it motor, be it direct-coupled or belt drive, before the alignment process he/she will check for a soft foot condition. A soft foot condition is when all four of the motor mounting feet are not on the same plane. When the motor is bolted down one of the feet is pulled down further then the others and creates an internal misalignment.

How often should I lubricate bearings?

This is possibly the most frequently asked questions and one of the most difficult to answer. There are so many different operating conditions and temperatures. Different manufacturers recommend different amounts of lubrication. It is an in depth topic with many different opinions and could be discussed for many hours. Your Lawrcon Electric Technical Representative will be happy to provide you with a chart that will offer you a starting guide line for lubrication intervals.

What will heat do to my Electric Motors?

For every 10 degrees a motor runs above its rated temperature its operating life will be cut in half. What percentage ofelectric motor failuresare due to mechanical failure? 70 % of motor failures are mechinical which very often creates an electrical problem