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Field Services

Removal and reinstallation of electrical and mechanical apparatus by qualified technicians and electrical technicians

  1. The most modern and up to date Field Service Electrical Power Analysis Equipment
  2. Providing predictive and preventative analysis
  3. Precise computerized reports
  4. Mechanical and Electrical removal and installation of any size and type of equipment
  5. Electrical and Electronic Field and Shop services
  6. Vibration Analyses
  7. Laser Alignment

Our comprehensive quality assurance program includes computer winding checks , core iron efficiency tests and full inspections of rewound equipment prior to dipping and baking. Load testing of equipment betwen 5 and 600 HP/4160 volts is yet another function of the plant.

Phenix 4kv Test Panel: Our computerized test panel is easily capable of testing any configuraton and type of AC, DC, Synchronous, and Traction Motor. Coupled with out "Booster" transformer, we can test machines up to 13.8kv.