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Mission Statement

Lawrcon Electric and Machining Corp will always consider health and safety to be the highest priority. A safe working environment with all personnel being conscious of unsafe conditions will lead to improved moral and increased efficiency.

Through our contented employees and a safe working environment we will give our customer the highest level of service possible through courtesy, superior communication and superior quality in materials and workmanship. To provide cost saving solutions while maintaining a high code of ethics, reliability and highly qualified personnel.

LAWRCON Quality Policy

LAWRCON Electric and Machining Corp, aims to be a role model in providing quality solutions in all our services using the best quality materials. This has been the main focus in keeping our long indisputable excellent reputation in business. LAWRCON being a family oriented organisation creates room for positive involvement among employees and Clients with the assurance of meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction.

We strive through high regards for our core values and ensure accountability for all our processes, and interested parties as well as being in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. Innovation also plays a key role in our teamwork in achieving the desired results of our clients, and most of all trust which has been the bedrock of our business maintained by the confidence of our clients achieved over the years.

LAWRCON's objective of consistant high quality performance is met by embracing and embedding the concept Quality Management Structure of continuous improvement in our corporate culture and services to improve the management practices, policies, processes and operations of our entire organisation in addition to conforming to applicable regulations of the Country. This is evidenced by our competent employees through adequate training, provision of resources, effective monitoring of procedure adherence, performance measurement through systematic audits and periodic reviews.

It is imperative that all employees and interested parties are aware of this policy and abide fully by it as we all aim for the utmost goal of customer satisfaction. The policy will be replicated in all existing document as well as displayed within the organisation and websites which can also be accessed by the public and available when required to all interested parties.

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