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Rewinding Services

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Winding Equipment to tackle any size and type of round or square wire coils such as;

  1. Complete Motor Repair
  2. Rotating Fields in Generators
  3. Field Coils in DC or Synchronous Motors
  4. Armature Coils
  5. Transformer Coils
  6. Mush Wound Coils - Any Size
  7. Form Coils - Any Size
  8. Dry type transformer Winding is a specialty of Lawrcon Electric

Our comprehensive quality assurance program includes computer winding checks, core iron efficiency tests and full inspections of rewound equipment prior to dipping and baking. Load testing of equipment between 40 and 600 hp, up to 13.8 KV is available upon request.

Our computerized test panel is easily capable of testing any configuration and type of AC, DC, Synchronous, and Traction Motor. Coupled with a step-up transformer, we can test machines up to 13.8kv.

Computerized Test Facilities

Computerized Test Facilities include:

  1. Synchronous Motors
  2. Full load testing
  3. Core loss testing
  4. Motor Analysis and Predictive Servies Software
  5. 600 KVA Test Center

Generator Coils

From Standby to Prime Power, Lawrcon’s experience and repair techniques have earned them a solid reputation in the Generator Industry. From stator to rotating fields and armatures to specialized commutator repairs Lawrcon’s team will fix it fast and to the best standards available. Our field service team is available for testing, repairing, removing or installing all types of generators and related control equipment right up to 13.8kv Our list of past equipment serviced includes:

  1. DC Generators for the steel industry over 1 megawatt.
  2. Air-line "Ground Support Equipment" (GSE) generators that supply power to aircraft while on the ground (both portable and stationary types).
  3. Stationary "Stand-By and Prime Power" generators for high rise buildings and office towers.
  4. Portable "Prime Power and Stand-By" generators used in aggregate pits, industrial plants etc.

Direct Current Coils

Lawrcon specializes in DC Motor and Generator repairs. From testing to removing and re-installing every type and size of heavy apparatus, Lawrcon does it right (the first time). And, when it comes to winding coils for these machines (Series or Shunt Fields, Interpole or Magnet Coils) Lawrcon’s unique “Wet Winding” process meets and or exceeds all standards from the original manufacturer.

Insulations systems are chosen to meet the customers requirements based on the working environment of the equipment. Special epoxies and coatings are available for severe duty working conditions.

Either AC or DC, our form coils are designed for long service life.

AC Stator Rewinds

Lawrcon Electric offers quality rewinds from the low voltage '"T" Frame all the way up to 10,000-hp high voltage. The technologies differ greatly and the type of coils that are used are quite different. The most common motor is the low voltage motor, (up to 600-volt) and it is mostly rewound using a "Random Wound Coil". The coils manufactured by pulling the required conductors randomly round a coil former. Lawrcon Electric uses only the highest quality insulating materials and conductor. Lawrcon Electric has standardized on Ultra Shield Inverter Duty Conductor on all rewinds that use a random wound coil. The use of this conductor and the use of high temperature insulation and resins ensure the reliability of the Lawrcon Electric rewind and/or repair. (Illustration) The Random Wound Coil is not suited to Medium Voltage Rewinds, (2300/4160). The coils are manufactured in such a way that the turns on the coil are stacked in perfect layers to reduce the turn-to-turn voltage potential. The form coil uses rectangular or square conductor. High Voltage Rewinds utilize a coil that is similar to the Medium Voltage Coil but they are much more complicated. The coil is transposed, the slot portion is coated with a conductive paint and the coil out-hang is coated with different levels of gradient and resistance paints.

Form Coils

From 600 VAC up to 13.8kv, and anything in between, our team has the experience to perform for you.

AC, DC and Synchronous motors and generators all use form windings. Lawrcon’s experience with Stators and Armatures is extensive. They offer several curing solutions which could include VPI, Polyester based Dip and Bake, or new products such as "Epoxy-Loaded" coils, all of which have the final operating voltage in mind.

Lawrcon’s facilities include full voltage testing right up to 13.8kv and offer load testing to 600 HP.

Slipring Rotor Rewinds

Lawrcon Electric offers the same quality of materials and workmanship in a rotor rewind as is offered in stator rewinds. Slipring motors are often found where there is frequent starting of heavy loads or when an easy start, such as a crane or hoist is required. The voltage in a slipring motor is referred to as the secondary voltage and very rarely exceeds 1000-volts. In the smaller units a random wound coil is used and in the larger units rectangular copper is used to rewind the motor. Rectangular copper is used in the larger units because the current can be very high and many multiples of round conductor would be required. The same insulating materials are used in the rewind process as would be used in a voltage stator however the windings are terminated at the sliprings and because of the centrifugal force a retaining band is required.

DC Armature & Field Rewinds

Lawrcon Electric Provides High Quality service on all DC Motor and Generator repairs. Armature Winding is a skilled and dying trade and Lawrcon Electric is able to offer you the services and experience of the old school. Using Old school procedures along with incorporating the modern materials of today we are able to offer you an insulation system that is suited to your needs and environment. Field coils are rewound on our Automatic winding machine. Inverter Duty Conductor is used because of its superior insulation and the machine rewinds the field coils in layers. The wound coil is removed from the form and consolidated with a stagger lashing. The coil is dipped and baked prior to the ground wall insulation being applied. The completed coil is dipped, installed and secured on the pole-piece. Lawrcon Electric is happy to share our experience with the Direct Current Motor.

Generator (Alternator) Services

Lawrcon Electric can provide full generator service including inspection, assessment, refurbishing and rewinding, This service is similar to the quality AC service that we provide and is offered from Low voltage through 13,800 volt. In house or on-site services are available, our service team is able to remove refurbish and re-install all types of generators an all aspects of repairs. We service "Prime Power" alternators in co-Generation Plants, in aggregate plants and in remote areas. We service Ground Power for the airline industry. We service DC Generators and 25 Cycle Generators for the Steel and other heavy industry. Lawrcon Electric applies the same stringent procedures and high quality materials to generators as applies to AC and DC repairs and rewinds. Rest Easy in the Knowledge that some of the best people in the generator and Motor business are looking after your equipment.